Why Natural Meat Tastes Better

Visiting the local supermarket and passing by the butcher counter many people are drawn in by the meats that are available to select from. Choosing beef, chicken or pork cuts that can be cooked and served in a number of different ways, most consumers do not give much thought to the meat that is available to them. However 95% of the meats that are being produced in the US are raised on growth hormones and fed fillers and antibiotics to keep the livestock healthy. As a result the meat that is available at the butcher counter contains those same hormones and other additives that detract from the quality of the meat and take away the natural flavor of the meat. While still having some nutritional value most of the meat that is sold in grocery stores is not as healthy for consumers as it could be. However, a small handful of ranchers are growing natural meat that has been raised without the addition of chemicals and fillers in the animal’s diet.

Offering a greater nutritional value as well as being better tasting a easier to digest, natural meat comes from livestock that has been raised the old fashioned way. Allowing cattle to graze in open pastures as they wander free in the outdoors gives the natural meat a better texture as muscles are working to move the cattle. Being able to eat what grows under their feet the animals that are living on organic ranches are never in need of antibiotics and are not provided with growth hormones so the meat that is harvested from these animals has the most nutritional value available. Delivering on superior quality flavor as well as a better texture allows the natural meat to be the best choice when it comes to nutrition. Finding the more flavorful cuts of all natural meat online shoppers that are looking for the best foods for their family can cut out a trip to the grocery store and find the beef, chicken and pork that can be served up without any of the additives that are known to reduce the quality of their meat.

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