What Every Serious Coffee Drinker Needs

Anyone who is serious about drinking coffee needs a few more things that just the typical drip coffee machine and a bag of coffee grounds.  For the best tasting coffee, check out these essentials that every coffee drinker should have.

The first thing that has to go is the pre-ground beans.  After coffee beans have been exposed to light and air, they start to loose their flavor.  This is why you should always grind your beans fresh right before you brew your coffee.  Grinding your own beans may seem a big intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but it’s actually quite easy.  All you need is the right grinder.  A simple electric grinder with spinning blades will do the trick.  If you want a good quality and very even grind, though, you should get a Burr grinder.

Next, carefully examine your coffee pot.  There may be a number of problems with is that are preventing your coffee from tasting its best.  One common thing that inexpensive drip coffee machines to is dispense all of the water in a single stream.  This results in coffee grounds in the middle getting over saturated, and coffee grounds towards the edges of the basket not coming into much contact with the water.  Another common problem is that the glass carafe and heating plate can cause the coffee to lose its flavor if it is sitting there for a long time.  Higher quality drip coffee machines have special “showerhead” nozzles to dispense water more evenly, as well as insulated carafes to keep the coffee tasting fresh longer.  You can also find a high quality coffee maker with built in grinder, to help you streamline the whole process of making your coffee.

Last, you should add some style to how you drink your coffee, as well.  A typical ceramic mug is fine for some people, but for someone who wants a little bit more class and enjoyment from their coffee, then you can get some cool looking glass coffee mugs.  These are great not only for drinking your every day coffee, but also for making specialty coffee drinks, such as Irish coffee.

With this essential coffee equipment, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a coffee expert–or, at least, enjoying a fantastic cup of coffee every morning.

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