Make the Most of Your Tassimo Brewer

coffee cupThe Tassimo Coffee Brewer is the best brewer that you will ever have. You will always get the best quality of coffee in every brew with Tassimo.

With a Tassimo brewer, brewing a cup of coffee will only take less than a minute. There is no need to do any preparations after brewing since everything is already done inside a Tassimo T disc. The T discs are the coffee pods that Tassimo uses in brewing and it already contains the pre-measured amount of ground coffee that can make a single cup. The T discs may also contain the right amount of the necessary ingredients for making tea and hot chocolate and the special T disc with concentrated milk can be used for latte and cappuccino drinks.

With the use of the T discs, you will be able to prepare your favorite cup of coffee any time of the day. You can even make a lot of different drinks like tea, hot chocolate, espresso and so on without any hassle. Since everything is already prepared inside the Tassimo T discs, there will be no mess after every brew. You simply have to decide on which T disc to prepare, place it inside the brewing machine and press a button. Without having to wait for long, it will take only less than a minute for a single brew to finish when you have a Tassimo single serve coffee maker.

Tassimo uses a unique bar code system with its Tassimo T discs to make a perfect brew in every drink. Each disc is designated with its own bar code that is printed on its label. The brewing machine scans and reads the bar code and it is the bar code that tells the machine on how it shall brew the specific drink contained inside the disc. Some brewing processes are then adjusted such as the brewing time, the amount of water and the water temperature.

With Tassimo, you get a perfect brew in every cup that you drink. You and your entire family will love all the different drinks that can easily be prepared with the use of just one brewing machine which is Tassimo.

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