Pros and Cons of Power Juicer

Eating healthy and right is very important to remain fit. You can achieve this by drinking vegetable and fruit juices on a daily basis. Recently, Jack LaLanne, who is called as the American godfather of fitness and good health at the age of 95 years, has come up with a very powerful juicer.


As per consumer review, Jack LaLanne’s product has got a thumbs up from all fitness freaks. It has been claimed this juicer helps in getting 30% more juice from fruits and vegetables. This juicer is very sturdy in design and also amazingly quiet. You can depend on it because of these characteristics.

The jar of the juicer is very large. Lots of vegetables and fruits can be juiced in a jiffy. There is a separate jar that collects the pulp of the vegetables and fruits. You can use this pulp while making food or desserts. So your complete vegetable or fruit is utilized in a maximum manner.


Cleaning of the power juicers is a difficult task. Juicing oranges, carrots and mangoes will result in staining its plastic. If you want to avoid staining you can try washing it with mild soap and water immediately after use. Also, independent jars are available for you to buy in case the stains are hard to remove.

Some of the juice drips out while juicing because of its spout which is static. However, now newer models have come out with spouts which can be lifted up manually. Also for some harder vegetables or fruits like apples and carrots you need more than one round of pressure.

It’s normal for every product to have its pros and cons. However, if the pros out number the cons, it should be considered as a good product for purchase. I think I will buy this product the next time I think about investing in a juicer. What about you?

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