Only K Cups Would Do

What would be the perfect day for me? That would be just a whole day of relaxing around the house, lolling over the bed and sofas, and enjoying a cup or two of steaming hot coffee every now and then. Now that would be just perfect for me, and when I am in that situation, I certainly could not for anything more. Well, of course I am waxing a little nostalgic there, but the truth is that it is not far from my real sentiments. I simply can’t help it, but that is just the way I am with coffee, it being my favorite drink. Nothing really comes close, and if I would have a cold drink rather a hot one then it would still be coffee, just a little bit frozen or chilled this time around.

Every lover of coffee has their own preference about how to prepare their favorite brew or even how they would drink it. I happen to love the K Cup single serve system as is used for the Keurig coffee making machine. I could almost say that these single serve cups have really hooked me and I’m simply addicted to it. It wasn’t as if I have always used it for my coffee, but I have been at it with my K Cups for the last couple of years now. There was a time when I did not enjoy my coffee as much; it was a time when I would even settle for instant coffee and be easily content with it. I even had a coffee house phase, where I would frequent various coffee shops to have my drink there. The thing was, I was there more for the socialization that I could get more than looking forward to the taste of their coffee. All of that was before my obsession with coffee, especially in finding K Cups for less
of course, so it matters little now. What matters right now, although a little off topic is the question of
Novaform vs Tempurpedic
, about which memory foam mattress I’d buy. I’m thinking it over as I enjoy another hot cup this rainy afternoon at home.

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