Gluten Free Food Options

gluten free graham crackersMany people are interested in gluten free food these days due to wheat allergies and Celiac disease. These conditions are aggravated by the gluten, which is a protein contained in wheat and other grains like barley, kamut, rye, or spelt. The protein is also used as a thickener in many foods. A vast majority of condiments have this ingredient, so they must be eliminated from one´s diet. Certain ingredients, like vegetable starches, malt, and modified food starches are made with gluten, but it is not obvious from the food packaging. Considering all of these factors, it is pretty challenging to find gluten free food, but it is not impossible.

Currently, the only treatment for Celiac disease is a gluten-free diet. (If you’re just starting to remove gluten from your diet, it’ll help a lot to find a good gluten free diet plan.)People who suffer from this disorder, as well as many other heath conditions, have to carefully evaluate all food ingredients for the protein in its many forms. This limits the nutritional choices for these individuals quite a bit, but many companies are beginning to meet their needs by providing gluten free alternatives, which can be found in grocery stores or ordered online. Obviously all wheat products like breads and pastas are off-limits, but there are other choices to consider. Some brands make rice pasta and gluten free flour (made from rice). Other items that can be substituted for wheat flour include nut and bean flours. Different varieties of squash can be used as a pasta alternative, and recipes for this are readily available on the Internet.

There are items that are naturally gluten free, as well. Since rice is an acceptable carbohydrate source and a gluten free food, it can be used in place of wheat products in many cases. One can make casseroles and lasagna using rice instead of noodles. There are many types of rice to keep it interesting, like brown, white, black, long-grain, sushi, and jasmine varieties, to name a few. Peanut butter, yams and chick peas are great tasting, gluten-free options that can provide protein and fiber in one´s diet, too. Most vegetables and fruits are also fine.

There is a silver lining when it comes to gluten free food. While the limitations can be annoying they also make it necessary for a person to avoid processed foods, which are not healthy for anyone. Many of the packaged foods people eat these days contain too much sodium, sugar, and fat. They usually have gluten, too. The healthier choices forced on gluten-free dieters will actually have other benefits in the end. While it is difficult for a person to choose wisely when it comes to gluten, it is not so bad when one thinks of all the delicious and healthy options that are gluten free.

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