Four Seasons Wine Offers A Wonderful Collection Of Award Winning Wine

The Four Seasons winery is located near Baramati and uses Sahyadri valley grapes to create award winning bottles of wine. The fine Indian brand has won over three hundred awards in the last thirty years. Some of their latest wins include a Bronze award for “Best Indian Red Wine” at the 2010 International Wine Competition for its flavorful Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and the “Best Red Wine” award received from the summer 2010 Spencer’s Consumer Choice Awards. Their exquisite brand has won over ninety prestigious Gold Medals.

The different four season varieties capture the mood of spring, summer, fall and winter. People can enjoy nine different varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Rosé. The best part about the four season wine is that it is priced affordably. The company also offers specially packaged bottles for Valentine’s Day. Couples can enjoy a bottle of Four Seasons Blush which is perfect for a romantic celebration, and the Valentine’s Day package includes two beautiful, scented candles to help set the mood.

The Four Seasons wine website offers the latest news and information on their company, products and events. Website visitors can find out more about the winery and vineyards, browse through the online guide or price list, or purchase products directly from the site. There is also a fantastic Four Seasons club that offers a large variety of bottles at a great price. Club members can enjoy tasting the different flavors to see which ones they prefer. The Four Seasons also offers a special journal, which is a private archive where people can document their various experiences. The journal will appeal to anyone who enjoys experimenting with a variety of different vintages and is serious about their passion for extraordinary selections. The journal offers information on serving and storage as well as other interesting information for wine connoisseurs.

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