Foods Best To Eat When Visiting Thailand

If you are looking for a wide-ranged taste experience, Thailand is the best place for you. Thai cuisine has various dishes to offer with flavors that range from extra hot to appealingly sour tastes. You will forget about your problems like weight loss plateau once you have experienced the Thai food.

Thai cuisine is usually characterized with smooth spicy taste. Each food is also lavished with herbs and spices. You may even add the food on your list of food for fitness program because the spices are often medicinal in nature. You may think that you have had a taste of Thai with your local Thai restaurant. But, still, the food in Thailand is better. With the fresh local ingredients, you will find the taste fairly different.

The Thai menu is a mixture of meat, vegetables, and fish with lots of spices like lemon grass, coconut milk, tamarind, basil, ginger, chili, peanuts, garlic and a lot more.

Tom Yam Goong is one of the most famous Thai dishes. It is a spicy soup which may be made with prawns, chicken, fish and other seafood, or mushroom. It is generously mixed with galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, shallot, tamarind and chili pepper. Known for its fierce spicy flavor, it is a signature dish of Thailand.

Pad-Thai is also a must-try. It is a fried noodle mixed with meat and vegetables. The genuineness of Thai cuisine can be reflected with this dish as the only the best ingredients are used. It is also known for its balance of the five tastes.

Thai dishes will not fall behind with desserts. Desserts are usually mixed with sugar, egg and coconut milk. If you want some exotic dessert, try Kanom Buang. It is a batter filled with coconut meat with egg yolk and green onion. Thailand also has a variety of fresh fruits like banana, mangosteen, rambutant, durian, mangoes and papaya.

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