Espresso Cups and Coffee Grinders

What came to existence as an ordinary Italian beverage is now seen as a growing, rising phenomenon in terms of commercially sipped beverages across the globe. With the world over bustling with espresso bars, one can but avoid seeing or stepping into a hip urban joint serving some freshly brewed espresso. So now sipping an espresso is nothing about just tasting the flavour. It has turned into an excuse for taking your spouse or beloved or latest squeeze for a good time or a date. One could also brand it as a reason to daydream or maybe organize meetings over, often forgetting the real agenda of the get-together!

Freshly brewed and born in the heart of Milan, Italy, this piping hot cup of coffee made its way through the ranks of the beverage mafia and established a worldwide repute. Be it India, Philippines, Singapore, Somalia or Chile, there wouldnt possibly be an urban locale existent without a coffee joint that serves the famous espresso with its eclectic fragrance. But restoring the same taste as the Italian wizards of coffee seemed impossible. So various industry minds stepped into this market and commercialized the entire coffee scene. Nowadays, the world over has espresso- producing machines with its specified requirements of coffee beans, the percentage of beans to be crushed or ground, the sugar levels and the heat generated for giving out every espresso.

With the advent of the commercial coffee grinder, espresso cups are available even in the lesser known suburban locales of the metropolitan cities as well as the tiny towns adjoining them. Becoming much more of a style statement than a mini-meal or a plain beverage, espressos have garnered a lot of mass appeal. This mass appeal is majorly among the youth populace. This allows espressos to become something worth garnering a prime position in the minds of the media as well as featuring as cultural references.

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