Cooking Is Fun

I learned how to cook at a young age because of the way I was brought up, I ended up cooking for my mother when I was only around 13 years old and as such when I left home at the late age of nineteen I was well prepared to look after myself. I ended up living in a bedsit as money was tight and instead of hitting the takeaways every night like most teenagers would of done, I was to be found at the supermarket buying healthy ingredients with which to make a sumptuous meal out of. To be fair it also increased my Chance’s with the ladies as they seem to like a man that can cook. If you have never cooked before it really is not too late to try and start. My wife could cook ok but wanted to improve her skills and learn how to make simple home cooked meals so she went on a course and learnt how to do just that, it was cheap, easy and good fun and has led to some really rather tasty dishes. You can learn how to cook most meals and deserts when you join a cookery course and it really is worth every penny as most courses include all the ingredients and you get to take any leftovers home to eat. From a simple chocolate cake recipe to a wide variety of chicken breast recipes they are always explained very clearly and you will be told step by step how to make these items and then given a guide to keep at home for future reference. If you haven’t given cooking a go before then go ahead and try, you may just surprise yourself and create something spectacular that your family and friends will love and you will become renowned for being the chef in the family like I have become.

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